Thursday, November 23, 2006

Episode 3 - Thanksgiving Special and DNAngel ShowNotes

Here are the show notes for Weaboo-Podcast Episode 3
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News Topics Discussed

Anime News
Yu Yu Hakusho Game
Death Note Still Number 1
ADV Gets Sgt. Frog
Score Entertainment Looking For Players
Getta Robo Creator Died
Witchblade Manga Flipped Then Unflipped
BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo DVD

Yu Yu Hakusho Game:,1162482002,62671,0,0.html

Real World News
US Sets To Release Dollar Coin
Britney Spears Sex Tape
Myspace Sued By Universal Music


Dollar Coin:

Video Game News
Wii Connect 24
Xbox 360 Video

Xbox 360:

Anime Discussed
DNAngel Review

Score: 5

Background Music

Gensoumaden Saiyuki Reload: Wild Rock By Buzzlip
Legend of Zelda: Lost Woods (Techno Remix)
Street Fighter: Chun-Li Stage By Ayako Saso
Hellsing: Good-Bye Obsolete WORLD
Phantasy Star Online: Revolution To The Origin PART1 By Hideaki Kobayashi
DNAngel: True Light By Miyamoto Shunichi
Initial D: Rock Me To The Top
Metroid Prime: Credits
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  • Great podcast! I forgot to comment last episode because I was busy finishing up Yakitate!! Japan. It was a great anime by the way but, it was kind of disappointing that they didn't show a "what are they up to now" kind of thing after the competetion. I also went ahead and added your podcast to so you can see who's listening to your podcast within the community. Currently I seem to be the only listener though... But, don't think know one else is listening though, because it doesn't take in account on the people who aren't in the community that listen or via your blog (streaming) or by downloading it off your blog and then listen. (for people who download off your blog that are in the community, it will show up as 'Brandon & Ben' as the artist, instead of 'Weaboo-Podcast' because the artist tags are different when downloading it via your blog and when downloading it via itunes.)

    By Anonymous Jonathan-san, at 11/29/2006 1:30 PM  

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