Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Episode 1 - Yakitate, Dust, and Sex ShowNotes

Here are the shownotes for Weaboo-Podcast Episode 1

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News Topics Discussed
Anime News
Naruto Mall Tour
Last 2 Dragonball Movies air on Toonami
Funimation Broadcast Rights

Real World News
Best Beer Dispenser
Late Passenger Calls in Bomb Threat
Best Beer:
Bomb Threat:

Video Game News
Devron’s PS3 & Wii Campout Guide
Bully Boy-on-Boy Scene
Europe Not Getting The PS3
Also Just Going To Give Credit To Devron For Such A Great Guide Thanks Devron


Anime Discussed
Yakitate!! Japan Review
Score: 8

Video Games Discussed
Phantom Dust Review
Score: 8.75

Ben's Sexy Story
The Best Story You Will Ever Hear So Listen To It We're Not Going To Spoil Anything You

Background Music
Bleach: Ichirin no Hana by High and Mighty Color
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Encounter
Hunter X Hunter: Seigi No Ikari
Phantom Dust: Club Baroness ~Goodbye~ [Bar] by Yuko Araki
Yakitate!! Japan: Chiisana Uta (Anime Opening Version) by MARIA
Phantom Dust: August 31st, 1982 [Palace] by Yoshiyuki Usui
Chobits: Taikutu Na Rakugaki
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Credits

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  • Awesome podcast! You pretty much sold me on having to definitely watch Yakitate!! Japan. I also remember hearing or reading something that in the end or within one of the episodes they show how to make bread in a rice cooker. Now all I need to do is download all 69 episodes. *sigh*

    By Anonymous Jonathan-san, at 11/08/2006 9:25 PM  

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